About Us

Y. Onger 96 Ltd. was founded in the early eighties (1981) to provide a maintenance solution for the chemical plants in Haifa Bay.
In the beginning, the company was based on helping the factory maintenance departments, manning personnel standards and performing special work on surrounding equipment (such as leveling and alignments).
As a result of multiple jobs in different places, the company’s employees became professional and not long after, the company began to accept contracting jobs in the field of placing rotating equipment, mainly pumps of various types.
The high professional level of the company soon led to the fact that the company was accepted to perform complex works under the supervision of experts from abroad.
Today, the company has rich experience in working with parties from abroad, mainly in the field of railways and refurbishing turbines and compressors.


The company carries out projects in the field of placing, renovating and erecting various types of surrounding equipment such as turbines, compressors, pumps, centrifuges, air coolers, conveyors, blowers, stirrers, etc.
The company has high technological knowledge and ability in making special castings for anchoring equipment such as grout castings (GROUT) and epoxy castings (EPOXY). Our casting team has many years of proven experience. The castings do not crumble and do not explode and meet the strictest standards.


The company provides service to customers nationwide and by prior arrangement and is prepared to provide service 24 hours a day in case of malfunctions and special calls.
Many customers are helped by our professional team and invite us to provide advice in solving various problems in the field of mechanical engineering for rotating equipment. The company’s clients with whom we work on a regular basis enjoy these jobs at no extra charge.


The company Y. Onger (96) Ltd. advocates providing personal treatment to its employees while taking into account the employee and his needs. The company provides employees with all their rights according to law and the full social conditions and much more than that. The company’s unique attitude to its employees and customers positions Y. Onger as a leading company without a high turnover of personnel leading in professionalism and quality.
The Y. Onger company has championed the value of professionalism and service awareness and attaches great value to the quality of work and services provided to its customers.
In accordance with the stated quality policy of the company, the company maintains a quality system according to the TI 9001:2008ISO standard.

Our Clients

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