I.Unger 96 Ltd. When professionalism and seniority meets in reality

I.Unger 96 Ltd. has been engaged for 40 years in the management and execution of maintenance works, execution of rotating equipment projects and providing consulting services for maintenance and installation of rotating equipment.

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Uri Haas


The CEO of the company. Comes from the fields of the fertilizer industry and the petrochemical industry. He has rich experience in installing surrounding equipment, renovations of all kinds and performing maintenance processes. Uri manages all the professional and technical aspects of the company while maintaining the high standards in front of our customers.

Nir Haas

Vice President

Has rich experience in the field of installing surrounding equipment and carrying out renovations of all kinds. Nir has been working for the company for 12 years and serves as the acting manager and is responsible for project management, recruiting personnel and managing the company's customer relations in Israel and abroad.

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