Special Castings

I. Unger (96) Ltd. specializes in cement grout castings and in epoxy grout castings for various uses:


Three component epoxy grout for anchoring and basing rotating equipment


Heavy machinery bases and plates for base and anchoring


Repair and leveling of concrete surfaces with heavy loads


Filling and bonding elements and to anchor spines


Screws and anchors




Epoxy grout has extremely high constructive strength and very high compression strength. Aggregate ranking is unique and computerized.


Cement Grout is Spreadable and levels used as bonding material between iron and concrete. The material is ideal for casting, filling, reinforcement and anchoring of connectors and bases of machines, columns, walls, tracks, supports, etc.


Cement Grout is easy to use due to its high flow and filler capacity. Cement Grout is reinforced within a short time with extremely strong final strength that spreads through the creation of gases while maintaining maximum elasticity. Durable under pressure and vibrations and does not shrink or lose its volume.

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